Log Cabin Beads

This quilt fulfilled a goal I set for 2015: I wanted to submit a quilt to the county fair. I submitted this and Daisy Chains to the Larimer County Fair and both won a red ribbon!

These log cabins beads were pieced by my friends at Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church quilting ministry. We learned lots of lessons about measuring, squaring, and trimming as you go. Most of us had to labor through one block before getting the hang of it and creating consistently sized blocks thereafter. Kudos to Amanda at Hem and Hew for teaching a great class and challenging us all to learn the log cabin!

The medallion quilting design increases the perception of ’round’ beads. One of my favorite aspects is how the colored thread choices show up on the gray background.


Lessons Learned:

Large designs are harder to manage on a longarm quilting machine, but so cool if you can pull it off. I almost did. 🙂

After finishing a queen-sized quilt, baby quilts go so fast!

Consistency is difficult, but professional. The purple beads at one end of the quilt have 4 more feathers squeezed in them than the ones at the other end of the quilt. Next time I’ll pay attention to consistency of density.


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