Bright Pinwheels

Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett supplied the bright-colored fabric. Backcountry Quilts supplied the texture.

Working with bright fabric is fun. This twin-sized quilt will be a cheery addition to my niece’s bedroom, and it cheered me up while I was working on it this February… March, April. The ocean motif on some of the fabric inspired the mussel shell background texture and the rolling waves in the border.

Using a domestic sewing machine for quilting poses a challenge when I want to quilt large designs. I’m limited by how far I can smoothly move my quilt without relocating my hands. On a domestic machine, that’s only a few inches. To achieve the large rolling wave designs, I created a stencil, marked the quilt, and quilted an outline. I came back later and improvised the rest of the lines.

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