Spring Runoff

I have a hard time even estimating how many hours I invested in this twin-sized traditional/wholecloth quilt (over 50 hours). I didn’t have a completed plan in my head when I started, and each step left me with a puzzle of what to do next. Still, I’m very pleased with the results: a crystal-sharp star that softens and drips at the edges like a patch of snow hit by spring sunshine.

Spring Runoff won a blue ribbon at the 2018 Boulder County Fair.



The Creative Process

An early concept got me started, then I sketched lines on paper printouts of the basted quilt.


The wholecloth quilting mirrors the pieced stars.


Testing designs with my plexiglass window as I work my way out from the star.turquoise20180711_160710

Quilting is completed here. All that remains is the binding.turquoise20180728_093244

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