Sea Glass and Seaweed

This queen-sized quilt is pieced by my mom from a block-a-month kit from Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop in Freeport, Maine. She spent a year piecing the blocks from two twin-sized kits, then left the finished top at my house last summer. While this quilt is originally from a kit, it’s very customized. My mom changed the color scheme by adding lavender, and she also changed the color of the sashing and capstones. I think she did a phenomenal job!

This spring I tackled the largest quilting job I’ve ever done. This quilt took me around 45 hours to finish and I’m super proud of the finished product. I returned the quilt to her this summer.

Lessons Learned:

Measure, cut, and pin borders! Because this quilt wouldn’t lay flat on the floor, I had to rip out the outside borders, measure the quilt, cut almost 2″ of fabric off each border strip, then sew them back on. (I love you, Mom!) But, after I did, the quilt laid flat on the floor with (almost) no puckers.

Ditching (stitching in the ditch) is time consuming but SO worth it. Outlining the pieced shapes you want to emphasize makes the design crisp.

Match the bobbin thread to your top thread. (Didn’t I already learn this?!)

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