A Mad Hatter

From start to finish this project took over a year–way too long to have on the project shelf! It’s on its way to the Caring Hearts Benefit Auction on June 26 to support the worthy student fund at Campion Academy. We estimate that at least 40 woman-hours went in to this project, with about an hour of work into each paper-pieced teacup, plus custom quilting and original quilt design.

Shout-out to Dawn Fagan for piecing all the more complicated blocks: Nice work on the teapots and sugar & creamer!

I sewed all the blocks together and quilted the top on my neighbor’s longarm machine.

Lessons Learned

Quilting doesn’t show up on busy fabric, so don’t spend tons of time quilting something that no one can see. I could have used a very dark thread, but I thought that would detract from the teacups. As it is, if the light hits the quilt just right, you can see the steam coming out of the cups. Otherwise, the thread is invisible.

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