Honky Tonk Chevrons

The most fun part of this baby quilt was coming up with free motion cowboy designs to match Moda’s Honky Tonk fabric collection. Rope, horseshoes, and sheriff’s stars were fun to try.

Lessons learned:

It IS possible to use fleece for backing. It stretched a little on the longarm, but not too badly. If the quilt was any larger, I think I would have had problems. How to make chevrons the hard way: try sewing strips of fabric in a stair step, measured just right in order to save as much fabric as possible, and then discover you measured incorrectly by 1/4″. Again. And again. I think the result is super cute, but I won’t make chevrons that way again. I’ll swallow the urge to be frugal and save some time instead. edited-3339 edited-3329 edited-3332

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